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Don Wilks
Don Wilks
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  • Don Wilks replied to the topic Re: Awards in the forums.
    Hi Mike, 2/9/2015
    Please do the following:
    For US Navy Unit Awards
    Go to Web Address -
    If Certificate Error – click on continue to this website
    Click on Unit Awards Tab
    Click on Unit Awards Query (right hand side, top)
    Search Method #2 –
    Type in Unit Name: Nassau
    Click on Search
    See 6 Entries under Unit Name
    Click on each entry
    See Dates and see Appr Award Column; See the Unit Award Abbreviations
    Hope this helps,
    Don Wilks; dwilks.us@gmail.com
    wall 1106 days ago
  • Don Wilks replied to the topic Re: Awards in the forums.
    Hi Mike, 2/3/2015

    Please go to the following web site:
    All the best, Don Wilks
    wall 1111 days ago
  • Don Wilks uploaded a new avatar
    profile 1114 days ago
  • Don Wilks replied to the topic Re: Request Permission To Come Aboard in the forums.
    Jan. 26, 2015
    My name is Don Wilks, Interior Communications Electrican, Engr. Dept./Electrical Division and served aboard the NASSAU from Feb 1979 to Dec 1981.
    So I am a Plank-Owner.
    I didn't make the Decommissioning Ceremony.
    I am wondering if any of the crew members in the USS NASSAU Crewmembers Association were there
    and know if anything was handed out to commemorate the Decommissioning?
    A Decommissioning Certificate, Brochure or Booklet.
    At the Commissioning Ceremony the ship gave out a Commissioning Booklet, which I still have.
    I wish all the crewmembers Happy Everything (please see the attached file).
    Sincerely, Don Wilks
    wall 1119 days ago


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