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Shipmates of the USS Nassau LHA4

The Nassau’s plankowners realized that as they all got deeper into the twenty-first century, and despite everyone’s best effort, the ship just wouldn’t live forever. And nor can any mere mortal. And so it was with respect for the ship (into which they breathed its first taste of life) and a strong sense of kinship for their former shipmates that they reached out across the country to reconnect with as many as possible. The intention of rekindling friendships, having a reunion, and hopefully even visiting the ship en masse began in early 2008 and manifested itself in a magical weekend during July of 2009.

It’s easy to understand why those who first served aboard ship would wish to do so. And it’s sadly acknowledged that those who came later may not necessarily feel the same strong sense of family. But one only need spend a short time searching the Internet to discover hundreds of sites dedicated to ships far older than Nassau. Everyday, these sites are reconnecting former servicemen who despite being in their twilight years are driven by powerful emotional forces to reconnect through reunions and other communication channels. And if it’s happening to them now, what will happen with you in fifteen, twenty, or even forty years from now.

It’s the hope that this web site, coupled with the recently established crew members association, will serve as the vehicle through which those connections can be made and maintained throughout the years. The first steps are easy. Just click here to register with the site; as well as participate in our open Scuttlebutt discussion forum.

With the pending decommissioning of the Nassau sometime during 2011 it’s time to make yet another effort to reach out to all those who served aboard this mighty ship of the line at any point during her storied career. It’s your ship, too. And so is this web site - which is why this section has now been broken down by decade. With luck, and your participation, these new pages will quickly blossom with new content.

For now, I’ll simply be loading them up with images found on the Internet; but what they’ll really need is a personal touch from those who served aboard during those eras. Photos of you and your shipmates taken when you were a member of the ship’s company are what it’s mostly about and they can be emailed to me by clicking here.