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There are some photographs which require more explanation than the slideshow format allows.

Such as this one:




This was my own sorry attempt at humor and diversion in the midst of adversity. At the time, the wardroom mess was experimenting with a kind of buffet setup for the noon meal; they would set up salads etc. that you could go through and serve yourself from. For some reason, I had to visit the enlisted mess one morning, where I found the cooks preparing fresh fish for lunch. They were glibly slicing the heads off the fish and throwing them away. I got an idea and ran up to the wardroom, where I snatched the finest silver platter I could find, and brought it down to the galley and had the cooks arrange the fish heads on it. Now, you gotta understand, those cooks were tired, harried, hardworking fellas, but you should have seen them perk up when I told them it was going up to the wardroom mess. You should have seen the smiles and the tender loving care they put into arranging that platter. They garnished it with parsley and other stuff, arranged the heads artistically and with great care, and on my suggestion put an especially large head in the center of the platter with it's glazed sightless eyes staring up and out. They propped the mouth open and put a cherry in it with a sprig of parsley sticking out of the cherry. I took it up and kept it in my stateroom until lunchtime, then snuck it into the wardroom just prior to lunch. It got plenty of howls; and then Will Doe, Bob Paterson, and Chaplain Young presented it to the photographer as a "new healthy choice for diet-conscious officers." No one partook, although some of the warrant officers exchanged dares... and it made my day, and the cooks' too...


submitted by Steve Murphy



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